12 Reasons for not Getting Growth in your Career?

“The world which is an ever-changing changing place, a delicate platform where one is supposed to take risk else he may fail.”

In the present-day world, all are confronting some or other challenges. Some of them are critically related to career growth. Mainly during this pandemic phase, people are feeling low or have a kind of discomfort going on as they are unable to find any solution to their difficulties. I think many of my readers may also be passing through such a situation. Isn’t it? If it is so, then there may be many reasons which are overlooked by us. Firstly, it can be a lack of guidance or the need to implement the soft skills to inculcate leadership quality.

1. Lack of Guidance:

Many times it is observed that you have potential and are working consistently and have accomplished the work. Thus you are delightfully leading your life but no consistent hike in your career growth is observed. So, it means that you haven’t made use of your latent capacity or you haven’t applied your extraordinary abilities, vision, and gifts in a new way that makes a difference. Even though you may have accomplished it competently but still you didn’t excel as you should. So, there is a need to identify and master some key skills to groom yourself and emerge as a successful person.

2. Peer-learning and Networking

We must understand that employees’ skills and knowledge are one of the leading assets to an organization and this should be leveraged.

Now, you imagine when you hire all the knowledgeable and competent employees and they interact daily with each other. What happens? My friend, think about how much expertise their peers could gain if this knowledge is shared. Thus, it is easy to learn new skills in a congenial environment.

We can trace some of the benefits of a successful peer to peer organization:

  • It promotes connectivity and collaboration. When as peers you interact with each other, you learn how to work together united as a unit. This inculcates a positive workplace culture of sharing.
  • It enables to boost up employee morale and well-being. As an employee when you help your colleagues then all of you learn and develop your skills which boosts self-confidence. This lends itself to an enhanced sense of belonging and connection.

However, after some time this exchange of knowledge within an organization saturates. So, to get brighter ideas and perspectives you have to expand your networking. This interaction with other expertise sharpens your critical thinking and widens your vision. You can also follow many others on social media like LinkedIn or Twitter. Thus, such collaborative learning via networking not only helps you to connect with others but also develops your unique personality in your organization. Your connectivity enables you to nurture your better prospects and get recommendations if required further. Thus, this peer learning and networking empower not only your career growth but also that of your colleagues.

Eventually, peer organization is crucial for all as it

  • Increases engagement
  • Improves retention & productivity
  • Helps to ensure new employees feel comfortable
  • Provides a safe space to ask questions
  • Reinforces employees’ existing knowledge

3. Non- Understanding the Culture You Operating

Being a professional, often you happen to make the mistake of evaluating your work independently. You don’t try to understand how the organization works, and the system around them judge and calculate value, importance, and contribution.

So, you need to self-evaluate yourself as a professional and ask a few questions as

  • Do you know what your association considers as unrivaled commitment – precisely what ascribes and practices are needed to push forward from your level to the following?
  • Is it accurate to say that you are supporting your boss’ most noteworthy dreams, mission, and objectives? But, do you have any clear vision of your boss?
  • Have you accomplished more than the objectives of your job, and had a genuine effect in a greater manner? Provided that this is true, how?
  • Have you shown that you can lead and viably oversee regions past the thing you’re dealing with now?
  • Do you get what your chief and senior authority considers to be basic to the achievement and development of the association, and would you say you are supporting those orders in significant ways?

4. Lacks in Taking Initiatives:

Under this column, we are supposed to be proactive rather than waiting for the boss to assign the task. The boss will assign specific tasks as what he does. So you must volunteer to take on more tasks and responsibilities other than your current position. Further, you must focus on learning capacities that stand outside your primary knowledge area. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to improve.

5. Grab the Opportunity:

Apart from fortifying yourself with knowledge, you are supposed to be vigilant enough. You must seize the opportunity as soon as you find it. In this way, go out and assert what you need. After a while, you will acquire the spotlight and will be noticed by all. Eventually, you will inculcate self-confidence and will be prepared to take your vocation to a higher level since you accomplished a more elevated level of commitment.

6. Acquire Soft Skills:

In this category of lacuna, it is felt you have to focus more on expanding your knowledge, and enhancing your soft skills. You are supposed to read books, articles, listen to podcasts and upskill yourself. You have to stay updated with the new fads. This would encourage you to develop a different perspective and will be able to initiate to do something extraordinary. Thus, you will hit the target and get a hike in your career growth.

7. Develop a Positive Attitude:

A positive attitude really enables you to boost up your career since you will take criticism or feedback in the form of a gift given to you to make you better. Never be biased with a person or method of deliverance. Just listen to suggestions, glean them to move on. At this moment, don’t ever mix your big dreams with your ego. Learn to listen ’No’ also from your boss. And definitely, this quality of yours will facilitate you to achieve your great goals in life.

Besides, you have to be diplomatic in the Corporate world. It is the best tool to deal with people at the workplace be it politics or anything else. One should not offend his peers and colleagues by conveying direct rude messages. Thus, every professional has to inculcate mature and rational behavior.  

8. Critical Thinking:

In this corporate world, you have to be proactive. Never wait for things to happen; instead, anticipate them, and help the team be ready in case something goes wrong. If you’re a leader and an employee brings a problem to your attention, help them to determine the cause and use preventive measures in place to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact the employees, the company, and the customers. This attitude of yours escalates your position in the company.

9. Motivate Others:

In a company you have to motivate your colleagues and subordinates whenever they face a difficult level. Encourage them by understanding their needs and try to boost up their morale. As a team member if you do so you will not only be regarded by all but simultaneously you will develop your leadership quality. So, a graph of your escalates gives you a chance for a good appraisal.

10. Strength and Shortcomings-

Every facet of a coin has its value. Likewise, all must be well acquainted with our own strengths and weaknesses. In reality, if you know about your strength then you will be able to invest your energy. Moreover, if you can trace your weak points then they can be converted into strength. It makes it easy to work on projects where you can improve and utilize your entire strength.

11. Handling Conflicts

As a team member, you should know how to handle difficult people and resolve conflicts. If anyone doesn’t work to the best of their ability and brings a negative attitude to work, then as a responsible member you have to step up and talk to that person in private. Give him correct advice to precede his work.

12. Comprehend your industry

You can have an edge over others when you comprehend the business you work in and remain refreshed with the recent fads. Regardless of whether it is building your own web-based presence, finding out about ongoing changes, understanding mechanization in some area, or some other mechanical change, you have to coordinate speed with each adjustment of your industry. You can improve your understanding by joining some online upskilling courses and   guided by the  .


Finally, in the end, we can sum up with Carlton Fisk’s words “It’s not what you achieved, it’s what you overcome”. This defines your career. It means that every professional has to work continuously without pride for what he has achieved. He should inculcate ways and means to overcome the problems and expand his perspective to learn rather than remaining confined within his zone. If professionals develop physical, mental, and profound strength along with Love, confidence, and appreciation then it will give greatness.  This attitude helps to achieve success in his career growth. Last not least, a problem solver app called Mavenow app is developed that enables the professionals to move ahead overcoming the hurdles of the workplace. The Mavenow app is serving the best online learning platform for professionals where they can get privilege to interact with Industry expert. So, you can download it and get good results with a hike in your career.

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