9 Barricades that are stopping your Professional Growth?

 “Success doesn’t come and find you. You have to go out and find it.”

When we think about career growth, the primary thing that clicks our mind is credentials or certifications imperative to increase your skills. But it is not the technical skill that paves the way to career growth. It is not the right direction, rather it is a barricade.

So, the moment you face an obstruction that hampers your progress then you have to comprehend that the hampering has occurred as you have no control over it. Now, my dear friend, you have to judge the reason for this hurdle. If it is due to your poor performance then it is necessary to devote attention to self-assessment.

At this point, you may feel low; it is a special moment when you can recognize your weak point and try to rebuild yourself. So, never come on back-foot if it happens. Be bold to learn to move ahead. Besides, you have to believe in yourself without relying on or expecting others to give you answers, guidance, tips to change to transform your life. This is the very simple funda of life.

Busting Career Myths-

Mostly, many of us feel that if we devote a lot of time to do work then we will be applauded, or getting many credentials or certificates will enable us to win the hearts of all. But, the main point of success depends on what type of person we are.

A mere collection of certificates or degrees are of no use as you must have also come across many such personalities who have all these essential things for a good profile but amongst them, some are dissatisfied, have no real happiness, or are working just for the namesake. Their work is not result-oriented.

Why does it happen? It is so because you have focused on the outer part of your life rather than looking within the internal strength which is essential to overcome any type of barricade. You will get true success if you align both the outer and internal abilities to enjoy ever-lasting success. Thus, we can assert that ‘We will’ rather than ‘We can’ as we know ourselves better than anyone else.

Some of the following factors barricade your Growth-

Temporary Solutions: If you are in a hurry to accomplish your task then obviously you go for temporary solutions. This solution is not enough for long-term gain. To get a long-term benefit, you should have clarity of thought with commitment and consistency. Otherwise, the entire thing will tumble down leading to distress.  

Lack of Self-confidence: It is understood that if you don’t have self-confidence and depend on others for your growth then it is a big gap in your progress. It is a real personal issue. You have to depend on your work and don’t wait for others to change the environment. It is you, who has to design your surroundings as per your requirement. So, we can better understand it with this expression “Your vision, goal and perspective are main factors to determine your growth.” You need to change the environment rather than wait for someone else to change for you.

Professional Development: Looking into upskilling courses and upskilling programs for yourself, you must realize that accumulation of knowledge is eminent for development. In this journey of growth, you need to manage equally the balance between goal and knowledge due to which personal growth takes place. And if this personal growth is managed then capable Professionals can make complete utilization of their ‘Smart work’ without wasting any time.

Perfectionism: The worm of perfection is a kind of another barrier to Career growth. This factor persuades you to set a high expectation or goal. It is self-defeating. It leads many into troublesome situations. You may find people under stress. Sometimes, you see them living in their unrealistic expectations. This eventually alienates you from others.  Even it hinders the cordial relationship amongst colleagues. So, we can understand striving for continuous improvement instead of Perfectionism.

Just in connection to perfectionism, a mindset also adversely affects your career growth. You will ask how? If once you are scared to change your mind then definitely you will be frustrated and despite your potential you will not be able to achieve success.

Hard Work: Time can be a magic pill only if you utilize your limited time in a better way. You do weave hard work with limited time to achieve more with less time. And this is only possible if you up-grade yourself in ‘technical skills’ as well as in ‘soft skills’. You can’t ignore either of them and have to maintain an adequate balance between the two. Further, you can take assistance from online learning platform to upskill yourself.

Certifications: Certifications are the passport to move ahead in the field of your career. However, these are not fruitful to help you to progress if you do not implement your skills. So, credentials only can’t solve your problem if you are not strong from within with passion, focus, and perseverance.

However, experts suggest that if you are hit by a setback then start self-evaluation and self-analysis. It is a part of your learning process. This will positively help you to reframe your weak points into an affirmative learning experience. Thus, you must know how to self-motivate yourself. If you can maintain yourself calm and composed then certainly you can retain your self-confidence. Retrieve your sense of clarity, vision, and goals of life.

Connectivity: Connectivity or networking is considered to be a stronger link to career growth. But the point to understand is that if you have built a robust network with people around without building–up yourself with focus then my dear reader nowhere you will find a place to climb on a ladder of success. In other words, you have to develop your skills from within with full concentration to accomplish your goal. Then only you can either grab any opportunity or anyone else will recommend you.

Under this point of connectivity, Peer-learning is also an essential branch. If you lack peer learning, then definitely your hike in career growth is adversely affected.  Due to a lack of peer learning, you can neither gain knowledge nor can apply that knowledge. Thereby, you are also unable to receive constructive feedback and no positive reflection is seen on skills and lessons learned.

Lack of Mentorship:  You see, if you don’t have a mentor to guide you then it leads to a communication gap. This further hampers the healthy relationship and no real feedback takes place. You will not come across the right people and will not get an adequate promotion that is entitled to you. 

Moreover, if you are working at the top position in a firm for a long time without further progress in your career then this is also another type of barrier. In such a situation, your ideas are saturated and need the assistance of a ‘Mentor’ who would suggest ways and means to get a new horizon.

Convenient Time: The common attitude of many people which you too may have followed i.e. postponing the work. At times, you may have found people with the excuse “I will think to develop my skills when…”  In this way, people linger on, waiting for things to be aligned as per their convenience and thus they keep apart to do work on the necessary things. Therefore, you have to realize that you will not get solutions or the right results until you don’t do work with concern.  

So, my dear readers, if you are ready with all questionnaires then quickly you can grab the opportunity as it arrives. Moreover, promptness to do work will be helpful to acknowledge whether the offered designation, work profile suits you or not. And once you comprehend your personality and work culture then you will thrive in your career. Otherwise, there is no hope for your career growth.


Frankly speaking, you have to be proactive. Always be ready with your updated skills, carry your up-to-date resumes and well-designed LinkedIn profile. If you are not well acquainted with your skill-set then it will arise as a hurdle in your career growth. You can overcome your most road-block to career growth by first becoming aware that all true growth and long-term gains start INSIDE.

A personal growth plan is a consistent and continuous process. It has no ‘deadline’. If you are trying to break the barricades of your career growth then you are trying to become better day by day rather than perfect. If it happened then the only reason it worked well and quickly is that you have a passion for change. Your heart and soul are in the process! Once you start, you will realize quickly that this has the power to transform your life — and it did.

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In the words of Brittany Burgunder, we can assert that 

Recovery is full of ups and downs.

There is no such thing as a linear life.

But you can always turn your setbacks into setups to come back stronger with MAVENOW APP.

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