How to Get Best Out of Your Team?

The subtle quotation cited by Henry Ford “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.”  Likewise,to begin with, any new work is a challenge but as per the old proverb, teamwork makes the dream work. And in it, the collaboration of all with different capacities can maintain and sustain the team in an excellent way to get the best out of the entire team. You need to work as a spine supporting the team and encouraging them to make use of a set of skills and their experience. Besides, you have to stand by them to facilitate root-out the hurdles and striking the target.

At the workplace, you have to be a motivator, an inspirational entity extending your full support and guidance to teammates or employees’ to extract the right skills at the right time. Thus, you can take in the contribution of all making them feel great as a contributor. To bring together everyone, you can undertake a few points for your consideration.

  • Align with Goals
  • Create a plan for improvement and growth
  • Identify and utilize each member’s strength and knowledge
  • Encourage Learning and Up-skilling
  • Make your team’s job easier, not harder
  • Monitor their work from a distance
  • Inspire to develop self-confidence and impart freedom to commit errors
  • Handle poor performance without irritating them
  • Employee Friendly culture
  • Give effective praise and recognition
  • Learn to give good feedback

1. Align with Goals:

Goals are the foundation of any task. First of all, goals are to be decided by you unitedly with the team to engage everyone for a single task and reach a common goal. If all employees collaborate with a focus then it adds enthusiasm to the process. The work with cooperation facilitates smoothness to execute the work. This action boosts up everybody’s energy without making them feel either frustrated or pressured. Apart from this, each team member should consider his moral duty to set personal goals to accomplish the task at a particular schedule in a refined way. Moreover, if your team members are taking interest at a personal level then the outcome of all effort is something very commendable. You can understand that such an attitude will lead to professional growth and career development.

As when you align with goals it empowers enabling you to prioritize the important task and things of life. This prioritization motivates the entire team with an open mind to accomplish projects by improving the essential parts. Such detailed working is possible if you track them minutely and direct them slightly without being boastful. In this way, an aura of creativity is maintained giving rise to innovations as the project progresses.  

2. Create a Plan for Improvement and Growth:

It is mandatory to make a framework of goals that are to be attained shortly for a better prospect. This prospect would stimulate your employees to strive to get professional growth. Conducting training workshops or allotting different tasks to your employees is enabling them to disclose their potential and gives them an opportunity to sharpen their skills. If, once as a team manager, you are successful to guide your team members then the remarkable results will be produced without ambiguity.

Once you can understand the problem of desired goals then you can develop a performance improvement plan to explain the desired performance. This would bring in improved productivity; induce better work quality and good communication with team-mates. This attribute will enable the employees to take more accountability as the performance improvement plan would induce better risk management. 

3. Identify and Utilize Each Member’s Strength and Knowledge:

Often it is observed that a team member who is so engrossed in the process is unable to find one’s strengths. So being a team manager you have to make an effort to enable such new members to find and capitalize on strengths and use them as a base for learning.

In addition to this, the team members should try to use their strength and understand it and further compare it with that of other companions. In this way, either you would boost their energy to draw out their same strength as a challenge.

Besides, a formal or informal strength assessment can be conducted. Informally you can identify the potential of a team member by observing his ways of solving problems or formally by strength quests etc. When the team member learns, he will develop confidence and perhaps turn some of his weak points into new strengths.

4. Encourage Learning and Upskilling:

Team leaders should prioritize the skills most likely to stimulate the employees and focus on upskilling of employees whose roles will require those skills in the future. However, in your organization there would be few employees with a specific skill-set then such employees should be encouraged to be a mentor or a trainer and further provide them an opportunity to upskill to attain perfection.

Moreover, they may likewise urge skilled employees to give far-reaching learning opportunities ranging from one-off converses to multi-week training sessions. A peer-to-peer learning session can be conducted among staff members that will bring awareness among all. Thus, many organizations find success in encouraging and upskilling their employees.

Stretch opportunities, or tasks outside a representative’s current extent of involvement and set of working responsibilities, allow employees the opportunity to learn at work while demonstrating their capacity to take on new difficulties.

It is obvious for team leaders to get their team or the organization on board with the initiative, company and team leaders should highlight how upskilling will proliferate the career growth of their employees.

5. Make Your Team’s Job Easier, Not Harder:

Further, it is essential to handle every situation healthily without being hard on any employee. Though the employee’s performance is poor still you have to tackle it generously. This attitude is necessary to maintain good morale and a positive perspective among the team members.  Be cautious at the time of disapproving of their efforts. However, it’s important to support their creative processes and enhance their confidence ensuring them about your unconditional support to them and their opinions.

Moral support to them is a booster and a unique tool to make them focus more on a project without bothering about the hurdles and problems.

6. Monitor Their Work From a Distance:

Another important aspect to test your team’s capacity is to tab on the working process of your employee when he is working in a team to achieve the set goals of the company. You are supposed to only keep an eye on their mode of working without intruding on their working methodology. Impart them their freedom at the workplace. Listen to them and provide the help that they need and thus enable them to overcome obstacles that confront while working.

Give them suggestions at a crucial point only. This will make them feel highly supported by a team manager. It will boost the development of trust of an employee in his authority with respect. Discuss the problem, if needed, in a friendly manner without a sign of accusation.

7. Inspire to Develop Self-confidence and Impart Freedom to Commit Errors:

Being a team manager if you come across your employee who feels reluctant to accept the work after accomplishing the given assignment then it is your moral duty to appeal to his sense of responsibility to the project team. Then you have to make him realize to come out of his comfort zone to do assignments by being proactive. You can boost up the self-confidence of the employee by just assigning the challenging project. In it, you have to set attainable goals which would trigger motivation in him. He will be engrossed in work and will slowly develop interest. Finally, he will achieve it. In this entire process of working you as a team manager must remember not to interfere a lot in your employee’s work. You have to impart freedom to do work and if he commits a mistake then to leave without poking your nose. Thus, at a particular point, he will understand his mistake and will overcome it either by trying on it again or taking the help of his teammates or that of yours. And once he steps ahead he will be a new person fully loaded with self-confidence.

8. Handle Poor Performance Without Irritating:

Many times, the poor performance of a person is observed. Instead of complaining you should reach out to him with new ideas or proposals to implement them to get increased productivity. Stimulate the employee to use his novel techniques to propagate the business. Try to make him comfortable to work without creating any irritation. If such congenial working culture is developed then it inspires him to work with devotion and dedication.

If required, you may interact in a friendly manner enquiring indirectly about his difficulty level. Thereby, you may advise them to upskill in a specific field that would boost their career growth. Overall, one key factor to keep in mind is that never talk to such employees publicly.

9. Employee Friendly Culture:

To build up a creative environment in a company the leaders must recognize the significance of the input of their employees and must be keen to invite them to develop and generate new ideas. Moreover, the employees must be given enfranchisement to do work to achieve set goals by utilizing their techniques. In addition to this, if an employee commits an error then the team manager must assist him rather than abandon him completely. This action of a team manager will strengthen the trust of employees in his manager and will also boost a feeling to upskill further if needed to escalate in career growth.

If such a cordial environment is generated then it distinguishes average companies from the best. This, in turn, helps the employees to come up with novel ideas making the company grow professionally and enhancing the career growth of all employees.

10. Give Effective Praise and Recognition:

Giving positive feedback is an incredible method for propelling employees to continue endeavoring in any event, while they’re battling. Commending achievements assists with building employee self-confidence. In the same way, getting employees locally available to commend every other quality and the win keeps them engaged and anxious to achieve what they’re dealing with. This should be possible by bringing up explicit things they’ve progressed admirably, things you like, and giving feedback on where there’s an opportunity to get better.

According to Gallup’s study, it is observed that employees feel self-confident, productive, and self-aware when they spotlight their strengths and not on their weaknesses.

11. Learn to Give Good Feedback:

A straightforward system is to begin feedback conversation by outlining a portion of the employees’ achievements and show true appreciation for their endeavors before highlighting regions that need improvement. Besides, the team managers should give away instant feedback, so that employees become aware of their tasks done right or wrong and comprehend their status.

You must focus on explicit employee activities rather than unclear over-simplifications. You have to re-boost the morale of your employee by remarking “Good Job” or “Great Job” displaying your contentment with his performance.

A very simple method to appreciate and give positive feedback is publicly recognizing the contribution and efforts of an employee that keeps him motivated.

12. Offer Deserving Salary:

Last not least, the important element to derive the best from your team is the salary. If you offer  a handsome salary to the perfect candidate then you will be always successful to retain them for the long term. The slight more salary of his will give satisfaction to both of you in two different ways. You will get good solutions for your projects and your employee will have job satisfaction. And if you can do so then your business will hike and will enjoy a successful life of luxury. 


While wrapping up, we understand that collaboration is turning out to be progressively significant in contemporary associations, and insofar as groups are shaped, oversaw, and executed actually, can give a wellspring of upper hand as far as expanded employees fulfillment, imagination, and development.

So, if all members of the team are given equal importance and considered to be a contributor in the field of productivity of the company then it adds Four E’s: the wings to employees like fulfilling the expectation of company by entertaining the objectives of a company giving remarkable elevation to the company as well as to team in general and educating to be upskilled. In this regard, Mavenow app launched recently is fulfilling every aspect to motivate learners and Maven simultaneously. The application provides many upskilling courses and upskilling programs to enhance the efficiency of the employees. Thus, it is the best problem-solving app able to assist all professionals by giving instant solutions to professional problems.

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