About Us

About Us

Skill upgradation is a compelling need in today’s times. One must have the desire to keep upskilling not just for acquiring their dream job in work, captivating appraisals and promotions, but also to sustain in the competitive and thriving industry.

But there is a lack of full-fledged and customized solutions when a professional goes for upskilling even after compromising multiple things -

  • Offered courses are too expensive
  • There are recorded courses, but no solutions to the after problems
  • There is a lack of opportunities to interact & learn from the expert directly.
  • No instant solution to your professional problems if you are stuck.

So, the search for the pathway to a successful professional career ends here!

Mavenow is the perfect solution! Our objective is simple and clear! We aim to provide Instant solutions to your problems via industry experts of the domain directly. The Mavenow app is an ultimate platform to connect the Learners to the relevant Maven effortlessly.

Learners are the professionals who are looking for solutions, guidance or mentorship for boosting their career while Mavens are the Mentors, Leaders, Experienced professionals, or Domain Experts who help Learners to make their career successful.

So what are you waiting for, download the Mavenow app and start growing your career.

Our Story

Every success story emerges with a great thought or an idea. And this is how Mavenow took birth!

The CEO of renowned IT company, Inwizards Software Technology - Anuj Singh, identified a crucial problem in the market during the times of pandemic. He observed that in current times skill upgradation is important to survive and grow in the corporate world but there are no such opportunities for professionals to acquire new skills. Moreover, expert guidance is yet amiss for the ones who lack contacts, sources, reach and affordability. And expert guidance is still a privilege for many of the professional learners.

Many of the employees are deserving but often lag behind due to lack of skills. It seems unfair! Anuj dared to think outside the box and wished to bring a positive change in the corporate world with his contributions. And that’s when MAVENOW came into existence!

This app is here to bridge the gap between the professional seeker/learners and the top industry experts. Mavenow works on holistic growth of professionals by bestowing them with instant solutions, mentorship, free upskilling courses, and sessions of various topics through industry experts.

If we look at the other side, Employer requirements are very simple and clear- Honest and Skilled employees for their company. He wants to boost productivity and performance of his team which comes from a skilled professional. And if this problem gets solved, we will have a healthy and happy culture within any organization which will add value to the company. In a nutshell, a skilled employee is an asset for every employer, company, industry and also the country.

This application serves both the employees & employers. So join our vision to build empowered professionals globally!

And in the famous saying of Yoko Ono, “Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world.”

Finding Solutions?

India's First Problem Solving App for Professionals

Our Vision Building empowered professionals globally.

Our Mission Taking the best minds of the world to solve the professional problems of the seekers instantly within the range of a common man.