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Explore the biggest problem-solving platform to simplify your professional journey and reach your career milestones. An all-inclusive app for addressing obstacles in your career through guidance and mentorship from Mavens in your niche.

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Discover a wide range of customized courses compiled by industry experts available free of cost. The experts are available to brighten your future by solving your problems from basic to advanced levels.

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About Us

Mavenow app is India’s first problem-solving app for professionals that provides instant solutions to any professional problem via industry experts. Our vision is to build empowered professionals globally.

The platform acts as a bridge between the Professional Learners and the Maven, wherein Maven acts as a savior and provides instant solutions to any professional problem of the Learners. Mavens transfer their years of experience by holding the hands of professional learners as they guide them to their full potential.

To look at the bigger picture, Mavenow works on the holistic growth of professionals by bestowing them with instant solutions, mentorship, free upskilling courses, and sessions on various topics through industry experts.

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Learn and Earn

A Platform for Every Professional

The platform is a driving force in every professional’s life. It serves Professional Learners with instant solutions, mentorship, free upskilling courses, and expert sessions on different topics leading them towards their desired career growth. And on the other hand, Mavens get the privilege to pass their experiences and knowledge to other professionals.

What's in store for MAVEN?

Additional Income

Mentor the Professionals and get an additional income without hampering your existing job.

Thought Leadership

Inspire the professionals with your "Big Ideas" and dominate the industry

Personal Branding

The more knowledge you share, the more it enhances. So add value to professional life and build a strong designated identity.

Network Building

Get the opportunity to interact with a large group of professionals of your fraternity and expand your professional connections.

Finding Solutions?

One Place for All Professional Solutions

Mavenow is India’s #1 Problem-solving app for professionals. Our objective is to provide instant solutions to professional problems through Industry experts.

The platform helps to connect the seekers to the relevant Maven effortlessly, who provides instant solutions to any professional problem of Professional Seekers. Mavenow is the best problem-solving app for a reason. The added growth to one’s career like desired annual appraisals, job promotions, fair career growth, and high-paying jobs is what we help to achieve!

On the other hand, Mavens act as a step on the ladder of success. It’s what they do, and they do their best. In addition, shaping your career and giving direction to a professional learner is what Maven aims to achieve.


Instant Solution to any Professional Problem

Find and connect with mavens in your industry easily and get a prompt solution to your problem. Make your professional journey seamless and successful by eliminating hurdles with Mavens’ assistance.


Mentorship from Experts

At Mavenow you will get the best mentor who will help you succeed and sustain in your desired career by working on your core strengths, soft skills, and leadership qualities while also supporting you during your tough phase.


Free Upskill Courses

Discover multiple upskilling courses to advance your career. Mavenow has an excellent range of customized courses helping you upskill without spending a single penny and achieving a great height in your career.

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