“Success doesn’t come and find you. You have to go out and find it.”

Every professional desires for a successful professional life with a good career, better salary, dream position, but not everyone can achieve all of these things. On top of that, we all wish for a lavish lifestyle, big homes and cars for ourselves. So, if you are also the one who has dreamt of such a life, then you are at the right place my friend!

So the question arises: how will you achieve your desires? Therefore, the next crucial step is to identify and understand the root cause for not having satisfactory professional growth.

If you are reading this blog, then we believe that you are keen to have a successful professional career. One must know the pathway to grow in a professional career, but also know about the barricades that prevent them from upgrading in their career. Core skills are equally necessary to grow in life. So in this blog, let’s get to know about the hurdles in your career growth. Keep reading because we are here to give you the most wonderful solution

Let’s have a look at some of the barricades that are hindering your professional growth.

  1. Lack of Self Analysis

Understanding your own personality is not an easy task. But it’s a major barricade which will never allow you to move forward in life. You must be capable of assessing your strengths and weaknesses, only then will you be able to grow in life.

Once you assess your weaknesses and strengths, you can work upon improving it, which is what we call SELF ANALYSIS.

Hence, to grow in a professional career, every professional must take SWOT analysis i.e, Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat. SWOT analysis is strategic planning that is used to assist a person or organization in identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within themselves.

If you want to achieve all desired things then you need to meet industry standards and to identify the industry standards you need to know both quality and quantity wise working of professionals who are holding the same position as you.

This will result in identifying your gaps and help you understand what is stopping your growth. Hence, the next step is to upskill!

  1. Lack of Upskilling

There’s no age bar and no specific time to upskill and update yourself. Upskilling is not a one-time job, rather it’s a process. If you don’t upgrade yourself with time, you will find yourself lagging in the competition. So now after taking SWOT analysis, note down the things you identified and improve yourself with upskilling.

If you stick to the only skill you were hired for, then you will lose the train! Industry and job roles are changing with time and employers often value more skills in a single employee rather than hiring multiple people for multiple skills. Hence, keep yourself updated in your job profile so that no employer would afford to lose an employee like you!

  1. Casual Attitude

Casual attitude can also be related with unprofessionalism. Having a casual attitude would never take even the most intelligent person towards their goal as it would always be the major barrier. It is essential to have discipline in life and have seriousness towards your work to succeed in life.

It’s a popular saying that “A first impression is the last impression”. And this is what fits in the workplace also. Your personality is the foremost thing that everyone notices even before you begin to work in an organization. An impressive personality with proper work attire and hygiene goes a long way. Moreover, a casual attitude doesn’t mean you are delaying work, but it implies you don’t understand the importance of your task and why you were hired in the first place. So , it’s essential to be dedicated toward your work and follow professionalism by taking feedback in a positive way.

  1. Life without Goal

When you don’t know what your destination is, then it would seem like a long endless road. Similar situation happens when you lack goals in your life. Without a goal, you won’t be able to achieve desired results in life.

Therefore, set a target and chase it. And once you have eyes on a specific goal, you would work towards it tirelessly putting your sweat and blood towards it.

Therefore, the foremost thing is to have a timeline for your goal. Because a goal without a timeline is just nothing. And then divide your goal as a long-term and short term goal. It is a crucial step to give you a direction as to what all things need to be achieved by you to attain your goal. And the goal is different for every individual. You just need to identify your goal in life and strive to work hard towards it!

  1. Lack of Connections

Strong connections act as a bridge for an easier pathway without any hurdles. Similarly, lack of professional connections will give you a hard time. You’ll miss out on some great pieces of advice and guidance for a smoother journey towards your goal.

Peer learning is of great importance when we talk about connections. It’s when co-workers get to learn something from each other, that’s what we call peer learning. Engaging with your co-workers is a useful way to learn more about your domain and current trends. Having a lack of peer learning will harm your growth and you won’t be aware of the current trends and industry knowledge.

In an organization, you will find professionals working together from all sorts of backgrounds, different workplaces etc. So the more you connect with your peers, the more insight you get about the real world and even improve yourself through their past experiences.

  1. Lack of Mentorship

The major hurdle which a lot of professionals face in their life is lack of mentorship and guidance. A mentor is one who can shape a professional and show them the right pathway.

A mentor is a person who can identify your talent, help you to gain confidence and showcase your talent to the world. Furthermore, mentors will hand-hold you and help to reach you towards your goal.

Without expert guidance, you’ll have to learn through various mistakes. Whereas mentors will help in avoiding and eliminating those mistakes from your pathway to success.

Final Thoughts

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